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Chris Miller


Seller's Checklist





Make small fixes.  Inspect your home with a buyer’s eyes, and correct the flaws that are most egregious (if affordable) or can be relatively easily fixed—from repairing cracks in the walkways to repainting dingy walls or oiling creaky hinges.  Ask Chris for suggestions and contractor recommendations.

Set a price.  Check with Chris for a free market analysis.  Check out comparable listings or get an analysis from a certified appraiser (appraisalinstitute.org). Then decide whether you want a quick, easy sale or the highest possible price.

Clean and declutter.  Weed out excess furniture, knicknacks, and “stuff”—toss it, donate it, give it away, sell it at a yard sale, or put it into storage—so the house seems more spacious and buyers can imagine themselves in it.

Decide whether to do a prelisting inspection.  It may save you time, especially with older homes, to identify—and potentially solve—problems your buyer’s inspection will discover later.

Stay vigilant about maintenance.  From the moment you start showing your house, keep the lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed, gardens weeded, rooms spotless and clutter-free.

Ready your home for show days.  Hide pocketable valuables, display fresh flowers or bowls of fruit, bake a batch of cookies for the homey smell, open the drapes, keep pets out of sight, and stay quietly in the background (or leave, if an agent is showing your property).

Start organizing for your move.  Once the sale is final, use the Moving Checklist to help you hire movers, order supplies, and pack up your belongings.